Becoming an expat is an exciting challenge and prospect.  You live and experience another culture and often the positions are very lucrative.  Although the expat lifestyle is not for everyone if you do want to embrace the challenges then there is a world of possibilities for you to explore.

In this post we look at the top European expat destinations.  The information is based on a survey conducted every year by HSBC.  It is the largest independent survey of its kind.  The top three expat destinations cited are in Europe.


Britain has not always been the expat destination of choice, but prior to the Brexit vote it was ranked 9th most popular place to forge an expat career in the survey.  Developing skills and career progression were strongly cited.  Average salaries for expat were cited at $83,227 USD.


With a strong work-life balance and plenty of career opportunities Austria made it into the top ten for the first time.   The average salary for Austria is $85,288 USD.


You could be forgiven for not thinking that Norway is a great expat destination.   It made it into the HSBC top ten as 97% of respondents cited work-life balance was amazing.  Average salary $97,486 USD.


Norway’s neighbour scored highly in the survey, coming in at number 3.  Work culture scores highly for Sweden as a favoured destination.  Average salary $84,802 USD.


Germany’s main strengths are acquiring new skills, career progression, and job security.  Expat average salary reaches $97,693 USD.


Switzerland has held the title of best expat destination for two consecutive years.  It has the best earning potential and has a very strong work life balance.  Average salary is twice the worldwide average at $188,275.

How do I Become a European Expat?

Becoming a European expat is not as hard as you may think, providing your CV and LinkedIn profile are professionally written.  These two factors are essential to catch the eye of European expat headhunters and recruiters who only take seconds to decide whether you’re good to work with or not.

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