So you have smashed the interviews and have been sent a formal job offer for the role.  Well done, you have done well.  Before you sign on the dotted line and accept ask yourself these questions.   The answers will help you take an objective look at the offer and help you decide if the new role is both better than your current role, and the right fit for you.

Is the company worth your time?

A key question to answer is whether the company is worth your time.  What is their financial situation?  How much has the company been valued at? Do you get the feel for success and rapid growth or a pedestrian directionless approach?  If your instinct is that it is not worth your time then it probably isn’t.

Being a good executive is to a large extent protecting your own reputation.

How much support will I receive?

This question is vitally important.  If you know someone has your back you have a lot more management freedom than if it is clear that you will be expected to take the reins and indeed the strain on your own.  As a rule, we tend to want to do everything ourselves or bring in others and have the support of above when needed.  Whichever way you sway, factor this in before taking the role.

Is success clearly defined?

It is important to ascertain what constitutes success.  Why you are about it, you need to know how long you have to do it and why you are being hired.  What is the role you are fulfilling in the company?  Are expectations achievable?  If you do not have clear definitions then you could be leaving yourself open to issues further down the road.

Is the role in line with your career goals?

Ask yourself if this move will help you achieve your career goals.  Will it give you the platform you need to build and refine your skills?  Will you get a chance to use your skill set and add to it?  You may be taking a sideways step for other reasons, but if the idea of the move is to propel your career forward, answering this question will help you decide if this move is a good one.

Are you being paid what you’re worth?

If the answer is no to being paid what you’re worth you might want to think again.  How much responsibility you will have will be a big factor in weighing up whether your time and effort is being rewarded.  If you feel you are underpaid this tends to breed cynicism and resentment.

Do a little research and determine if the salary you’ve been offered is similar to the industry standard.  Take into account regional differences when making this comparison.

Are my values in line with the corporate culture of the company?

It is important the corporate culture is in line with your own values.  Conflict here will negatively impact on your life although bear in mind that some compromise will no doubt be necessary.  Generally, if the culture is a polar opposite to your own values, you should probably reconsider.

What are my responsibilities?

Once you have answered this question you should gain perspective on what will be involved on a day to day level.  You will have a clearer idea on what is expected of you and what the touch points are.  From here you can weigh up if the role is a good fit for your skills and values.

Who do you report to?

If you have a line manager what are your first impressions?  Do they seem on the ball, focused?  Are they talking about colleagues behind their back?  Do you feel you can work well with this person?  Although first impressions can be wrong if you’re instinct is that a good working relationship is impossible, it is time to reconsider the job offer.

Commute, can you handle it?

If your daily commute is quite long consider if it going to be doable in the long term.  Is there lots of traffic or do you to change trains or busses several times?  Whichever it is, if you feel it is going to negatively impact too much you may want to reconsider.

Job Searching and Job Offer Consideration

If you are unsure about a new offer and what some help deciding if it is right for you talk to us.  Schedule an appointment and let our experts help you make the right decision.  Similarly, if you are trying to find a new role, our CV and LinkedIn advice will prove invaluable.  Schedule your free consultation today.

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Author: Beata Staszkow

Beata is an established and experienced career coach. She has helped hundreds of executives find rewarding careers, and hundreds of businesses acquire new clients on LinkedIn. If you’re career or business is stagnating, Beata can revive it and take it to new heights. Schedule your consultation today.

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