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Grow your Contact List and Create Career Opportunities

Your LinkedIn profile’s importance cannot be overstated

Ramzy Maalouf – VP, Sales Operations at Trade International

“Beata helped me to improve my Linkedin profile and build my personal brand through social media. The honest and sincere feedback that Beata provided, helped me achieve a position with the one of the most recognizable corporation in my line of work. Within three months of working with Beata, I achieved my goal; however, her helpfulness and feedback with my professional career didn’t end.”

Fast Track your Access to the Hidden job Market, Headhunters, and Recruiters

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Grow your executive contact list and create opportunities
Grow your executive contact list and create opportunities- Schedule your consultation

To have a competitive edge in the job market both your executive CV your LinkedIn profile, and the way you use the social media platform has to be good. Failure to utilise LinkedIn to its full potential is effectively slamming the door on the hidden job market and your career opportunities. This is especially true in executive recruitment where competition is intense.

Head hunters, recruiters, and hiring mangers use LinkedIn to find candidates to work with. You can use it to network with the right people, and utilise its job searching facilities to find your next move. Having a good LinkedIn profile and using LinkedIn correctly will bring its own rewards.

Our LinkedIn Profile writing and Online Network Training will give you the following:

  • A competitive edge in the job market and your career
  • The ability to target and network with decision makers. This brings several career benefits both in your industry, and helps you to change industries if that is your wish
  • Online networking sills and methodology
  • The ability to access the hidden job market
  • A LinkedIn profile which appeals to and engages head hunters, recruiters, and hiring managers
  • The ability to utilise LinkedIn’s search facilities to find available positions in your chosen industry
  • Personal brand training
  • The perception you are an authority in your field
  • A detailed LinkedIn handbook as a guide and reference.
  • The ability to use LinkedIn groups to showcase your achievement, skills, industry and job knowledge to decision makers

In the first instance you will receive two hours of one to one training with a LinkedIn consultant. In addition you will receive templates to help the networking process which is highly important to all aspects of your career.

Grow your executive contact list and create opportunities
Grow your executive contact list and create opportunities – Schedule your consultation

So obtain a competitive edge through utilising LinkedIn to its full potential, book your free consultation by clicking this link below. The sooner you do the sooner you will have a competitive edge and see genuine career progression. And land the role you want.

Price: £397


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