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A Professional CV Writing Service for Executives

Attract the Attention of Head Hunters, Recruiters and Decision Makers

Giovanni Fabbio – General Manager at APT Advance Packaging Techniques

Giovanni Fabbio

“Beata is very familiar with the field of human resources, the needs of companies and her coaching services offered both at company level and at individual level are extremely effective in guiding and optimizing choices of her clients.”


Professional Fine Tuning of your CV In-line with Current Recruitment Trends

Professional Career Coaching to Support for your First Two Job Applications

Catch the Eye of Headhunters and Recruiters in Six Seconds or Less

Industry is a competitive place with the best jobs being fiercely contested. At an executive level this intensifies and as such the quality of candidate is stronger. To land the best jobs available you have to have an edge. This is what our Executive CV Development and Application Support training will give you.

CV development and application support is perfect for attracting headhunters, recruiters, and decision makers. It can also help you change industry. By having more than one CV you can target multiple industries simultaneously. It is also perfect for updating CVs which have not been touched for some time.

Through undergoing our training you will:

  • Receive a two-hour one-to-one consultation to develop your CV and ensure it is keeping pace with modern trends. We ensure that you realise the importance of your CV and how by tailoring it to each job vacancy will greatly improve your chances of getting the position you want. This is not just reformatting; this is CV and application training. The training will serve you well in the long term. Consultations can be either online or offline.
  • Attract the attention of head hunters, recruiters, and decision makers
  • Be in a better position to change industry
  • Become a much stronger candidate for your chosen jobs
  • A comprehensive list of job boards targeted at senior executive recruiters and head hunters
  • See your CV reformatted to highlight your achievements and skills. This is precisely the areas head hunters and recruiters concentrate on.
  • Training on how to successfully network with recruiters and head hunters. This will ensure your CV is read by the right people
  • Receive a free CV writing handbook with templates and cover letters. This is a useful reminder after your training is complete
  • Receive CV appraisal and career guidance

And that’s not all. As part of the training we will support your first two applications after you complete the training.

Catch the eye of headhunters and recruiters in six seconds or less

To greatly improve your job prospects, and be discovered by headhunters and recruiters, simply click the button below and book your complimentary session with one of our career coaches. Choose the appointment that fits your schedule, click continue, and complete the fields. It is time to bring a competitive edge to the job market and your job search.

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