Job Search Career Enhancement Packages

Our packages have been put together based on our global career coaching experiences.  They combine key services to provide effective and practical career management, which in turn leads to a more rewarding career.

The packages have been structured to make you more competitive in the job market, and to provide access to the hidden job market where the best roles go unadvertised.

Choose your package now;

Executive Career Transformation Package Plus

Price: £1943 – Save £485 on purchasing separate services Combining CV Writing, Linked Profile Creation, Advanced Networking, Personal Branding, Interview Preparation and Technique, and Package Negotiation services will see you speak the right language to head hunters and recruiters, and land the best roles via the hidden job market. You will also see rapid advancement in status as you will be seen as an authority in your field. Click here and transform your career.

Executive Career Transformation Package

Price: £1230 – Save £485 on purchasing separate services

This package fuses CV Writing, LinkedIn profile creation, Interview Preparation and Technique, and Advanced Networking Skills to make you a competitive job seeker in your niche.

Click here to become competitive in the job market.

Job Searchers Toolkit Package – CV Writing and LinkedIn Profile Creation

Price: £675 – Save £167 on purchasing separately

Two key areas of job searching are your CV, and LinkedIn profile.  This package will see both aspects speaking the right language to decision makers, and as such opportunities will open for you.

Click here to get your CV and LinkedIn profile up to speed.

Executive Personal Branding – 3 Month Programme

Price: £297 per month

Personal branding is becoming an essential element to a successful career.  Good personal branding will define your work ethic, and showcase your industry knowledge to a wide audience.  Our programme will demonstrate your abilities via blogging and social media engagement.

Click here to establish your personal brand and become a player in your field.

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