Executive Career Transformation Package Plus

Learn the Best Interview Techniques and how to Negotiate the Best Salary Deal

Ensure your CV, LinkedIn Profile, Personal Brand, and Networking is on the Money

Gain Access to the Hidden Job Market

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Everything you Need to be the Complete Executive

An executive career transformation requires a well-thought over strategy and experienced career management experts to help you on your journey. Includes CV Writing, Linked Profile Creation, Advanced Networking, , Personal Branding, Interview Technique, and Package Negotiation

Embrace Career Success

This package combines six of our services to give you a rewarding and fulfilling career, and it will also be invaluable should you wish to switch industries.  A Professionally written CV and LinkedIn Profile, Personal Branding, Advanced Networking, Interview preparation, and Package Negotiation Skills  will help you bring positive change to your career.

Your Executive Career Journey

Your LinkedIn and CV need to be able to speak the right language to headhunters, recruiters, and hiring managers.  Personal branding will help you showcase your achievements and industry knowledge to the right people.  Networking is essential for all aspects of your career especially to access the hidden job market.  Once the phone rings offering executive job interviews, you need to know how to handle it to get the best results.

Once you have a few job offers on the table, we’ll show you how to negotiate your salary for the best possible outcome.

Our Executive Career Transformation Package Plus will provide the following:

    • A professionally written CV adhering to the latest recruitment trends. Most CVs are glanced at discarded.  Ensure your CV makes an impact with decision makers
    • A professionally written LinkedIn profile. This will feature keywords to catch the eye of LinkedIn’s search algorithms, and ensures your profile speaks the right language to recruiters and headhunters.
    • A comprehensive guide on how to network effectively both face to face and on LinkedIn. This includes one to one tuition together with clear and precise instruction on how to strategically target the right people to add as network contacts, and how to demonstrate your value proposition to them
    • Comprehensive training on how to switch industries
    • A comprehensive list of job boards targeted specifically at executives
    • Twelve blog posts written on the industry topic of your choice
    • Social media updates to increase visibility to peers, headhunters, recruiters, and hiring managers
    • Two hours of social media training
    • Comprehensive LinkedIn training enabling you to understand and utilise its powerful search facilities for better job hunting and network contact hunting
    • A complimentary CV, LinkedIn, package negotiation handbook and networking and CV templates
      • Comprehensive instruction on how to use LinkedIn to showcase your achievements
      • A much greater chance of accessing the hidden job market
      • Practical interview techniques including the best way to answer questions, and to showcase your value proposition
      • Effectively manage interview stress so you can impress the interview panel and be the must have candidate
      • Training on how to handle the difficult questions and the best questions to ask
      • Training on how to control the interview
      • Training on how to research the job markets to discover how if the package offered is competitive
      • Everything you need to know about package negation including when to negotiate and the essentials do’s and don’ts
      • How to work out the total value of each package. This can be tricky when benefits are involved
      • Eight hours of coaching to be taken when you want over the next six months plus post coaching support for two months via email and online.
      • Application support for two job applications
      • Access to our rapidly expanding list of head hunters and recruiters (Currently 30 leads)

Select the Executive Career Transformation Package Plus and have a competitive edge over your contemporaries and see considerable improvements in your career and job searching prospects.

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