With the rise of the ‘gig’ economy and the need for businesses to transform to adapt to market changes, interim managers are in demand.  If you have the right mindset, skills, and indeed are able to land ‘gigs’, you might find interim management with its commitment to the project and lack of politics appealing and lucrative.

In this post we look at why interim management is popular, and the traits and skills good interim managers’ exhibit.

Why are Interim Managers in Demand?

There are many reasons businesses take on an interim manager (IM), here are a few below:

A Senior Manager Leaves

The IM steps in to the role the departed manager left until a permanent replacement can be found.  To fulfil this role you obviously have to bring to the position dynamism and be flexible in your approach.  It also means you’ll have to get up to speed quickly on the demands of the role.

Plug a Skills Gap

Often a project requires a particular set of skills that the business does not have among existing staff.  Here the IM steps in and plugs the skills gap.  If you find one of these projects this could be highly rewarding as not only will you have sought after skills, but you will be guiding and shaping the project.

Business Transformation

Given the nature of the market, more businesses are repositioning themselves within it.  Often, they need an interim manager to come in and manage this aspect, or keep another part of the business running while the transformation happens.   Either way, if you can prove yourself in this regard you could find your skills and abilities are sought after.

The Strengths of the Interim Manager

As an IM you will be expected to be project focused, and deliver on time, on budget, and to work to a high standard.  One of the benefits business notice is that IMs come in and are impartial as they are not embedded in company culture.  This often means they cut through politics to achieve results.

As most IMs are their own business entity they understand business arguably better than managers who are on the payroll.  As such they see themselves and their projects as a return on investment and are committed to making that return a good one.

Want to be an Interim Manager?

If you want to be an Interim Manager your first stop is with me to optimise your CV and LinkedIn profile.  IM providers and headhunters look for specific skills that must be easily found.  We can ensure they are.

Click here and schedule your free consultation in the first instance.  Later we will look at how you can use your IM experiences to build a striking personal brand.

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Author: Beata Staszkow

Beata is an established and experienced career coach. She has helped hundreds of executives find rewarding careers, and hundreds of businesses acquire new clients on LinkedIn. If you’re career or business is stagnating, Beata can revive it and take it to new heights. Schedule your consultation today.

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