Traditionally, job searching involved an up to date CV and a good relationship with a recruiter.  This method was according to many the best way to get results.  Although this still has some merit, increasingly more and more are looking to alternative job search techniques to get results.  The shift is away from your CV and more focus on your LinkedIn profile using simpler and to the point language.

Yaffa Penski, a recruiter and senior talent acquisition specialist at Peak Performers Inc states: “In some ways, you can even say your LinkedIn profile is your first virtual interview.  If more candidates realized the power their profiles have on their job search, they would take the time to fill out or complete all the sections of their profile.”

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Simpler Language catches the eye of Recruiters

It is not just your LinkedIn profile that is going to see you land your next role.  Simpler, jargon-free language is paving the way to success.  Recruiters have less time than they had to digest the sophisticated information you may have put on your CV.  Instead, they need it to the point and easily understood.  Penski explains:

“Given all the digital information we are now bombarded with in our modern day, coupled with the short time frame I have to sift through hundreds of candidates, I don’t have the ability to continuously digest the dense, verbose, and often complex language most job seekers use

“I find the best candidates can be brief, to the point, and quickly grab my attention. If they can use simple language and establish a better rapport through personalizing what they do [and] why they do it, and quickly follow with bullet points of relevant, quantifiable accomplishments separating them from the other candidates, I’m able to better understand what they are wanting and more likely to contact them if they’re a good fit.”

Further research suggests that profiles written in the first person are the way forward.  So use ‘I’ in your achievements and back this up with expression your passion for what you do, qualitative data, and appropriate keywords to catch LinkedIn’s search algorithm.

Social networking, something we have been a strong advocate for where job searching is concerned, is a good way to forge connections and catch the eye of recruiters.

Social networking, something we have been a strong advocate for where job searching is concerned, is a good way to forge connections and catch the eye of recruiters.

The new shift in job searching technique underlines both that times are changing and the focus is now on you, the job seeker as a brand.

To improve your executive job search hunt talk to us.  We can help you refine your LinkedIn profile in line with the new trends and help you with social networking to increase your job hunt chances further.  Click here and schedule your free consultation.

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Author: Beata Staszkow

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