Executive Outplacement Services

Reduce the Impact of Cuts

Reduce the Possibility of Legal Redress

Leave the Door Open to Attract Top Talent

Forge a Good Reputation as a Company that Cares

Outplacement services can and do make a welcome addition to a redundancy package.  They equip your employees with the skills to reenter the job market, and give you a better reputation as an employer.

Why Outplacement

Legal Costs

Employees who are offered a form of outplacement services are less likely to bring legal redress against the business.  An investment in outplacement services for your executives today could save you thousands in legal expenses later on.

Good for Branding and Reputation

Reputations good or bad are talked about.  Through offering outplacement services as part of a wider redundancy plan, you will show that you care about your employees and their service and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.  Although you may not attract top talent to your organisation through using outplacement, by giving employees a payout, a P45, and to tell them not to come back in the morning, will drive the best and brightest away. Outplacement is not just an opportunity for your employees; it is an opportunity for your business.

From an employee perspective they receive;
  • A CV and LinkedIn profile that is job market ready
  • A prominent personal brand
  • A good understanding of the job market and the value they bring to it
  • A Defined value proposition in the job market
  • Training on how networking creates opportunities directly with future employers headhunters, and recruiters.
  • Interview training and technique, including good questions to ask and how to answer the 'awkward questions'
  • Realisation that redundancy can be a good opportunity to move on to something better.

Get Stared with Outplacement

To get started with outplacement  complete the form.  We are experienced with the needs of HR, and can offer you bespoke plans for your employees, and provide a quote for a multiple redundancies. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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