It is fair to say that in today’s world your career, your job is always going to be in a state of uncertainty.  One round of redundancies or layoffs, and it could be you out of a job and at the mercy of market forces.  Company loyalty and the concept of the company looking after you should be considered a myth from the past.

With this in mind the quote from Machiavelli, “Before all else be armed” springs to mind.  This post will help you view the situation slightly differently, and help you keep ahead of your employers to be able to deal with situations as they arise.

Switch to Entrepreneur from Employee

In many ways the secret of navigating the working world is to try and see yourself as what you are:  A benefit to the company.  Your expertise your job knowledge is a resource your employer needs as much as you need a job.  Given the precarious nature of the working world it is easy to forget this.

As part of switching to entrepreneur from employee you should try and see your employer as a client.  You do a good job for your client and you should keep hold of them and build a relationship.

With this in mind always:

Have a strong Personal Brand

Ensure you are professional with everything you do.  Turn up for work and meetings on time.  Send emails typo and spelling mistake free.  Always use proper English and reject ‘street’ talk.  Make sure your appearance is appropriate.  In short ensure the image you project is the one you want people to remember.

Have your own Mind

Despite having a mind capable of independent thought, many choose to follow the crowd.  They do things because “everyone is doing it”.  This has been used as an excuse to take away benefits and other things which should never have been taken away.

Thinking for yourself will also pay dividends and help you take a big picture view.  It is easy to get fixated on who takes the credit or who is to blame.  The important part for you is to deliver and perform.   This will keep your part of the business on course and rectify issues before they blow up into problems.

Have Job Offers Lined up

It is always a good idea to have one or two job offers lined up.  You never know when you might need a new job and having options gives you a more positive view generally.  To keep your options open cultivate a professional network on LinkedIn, and keep your eyes open to job opportunities as they arise.

Update your CV and LinkedIn profile regularly.  It is not unheard of for your human resources department to monitor your profile and report changes to your line manager.  You may have been taken aside and asked “if everything was ok?”  If they know you are ready to leave at any point then the dynamic shifts from you are a resource and nothing more, to a resource that is needed.  This is a game changer.

Recognise HR for what it is

Despite the name human resources HR is not really for humans.  Its role is to support the company in all things and increasingly this includes the recruitment and retention of staff.  In the cases of dispute HR will almost come down on the company’s side and will not be objective.

If you have an issue with another member of staff try and resolve it outside of ‘the system’.  HR is not your friend.

Everything here may seem a little overwhelming.  It is here where we can help you develop the skills, habits, and traits to keep you at the top of your professional game.  When it is time to quit it is good to go on your terms.  Visit us now and fast track your career to give you the advantages you need to survive the corporate landscape.


Author: Beata Staszkow

Beata is an established and experienced career coach. She has helped hundreds of executives find rewarding careers, and hundreds of businesses acquire new clients on LinkedIn. If you’re career or business is stagnating, Beata can revive it and take it to new heights. Schedule your consultation today.

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