Traditionally, the Middle East North Africa region (MENA) created expat opportunities predominately in the fields of oil and gas engineering. As time marched on other roles in management, IT, finance, and accountancy also became in demand. This is mostly due to the fact that the countries that comprise the region have relied on oil and gas as the cornerstone of their economy.

Since the fall in oil price, however, many countries are now diversifying their economy creating plenty of expat opportunities in different industries. This is particularly prevalent in Dubai where infrastructure strengthening for World Expo 2020 is happening at a rapid pace.

So Just How Well is Dubai’s Economy Performing?

In 2016 the economy grew by 2.7%. This is expected to rise to 3.1% this year. By contrast the economy grew by 2.1% in the USA which represents a 0.5% fall when compared to 2016. In the UK the economy grew by 1.8% last year. The wider UAE is also seeing economic growth.

This has resulted in more jobs being created. Currently, skills in the following sectors are in demand:

·        Sales and marketing

·        Engineering and construction

·        Finance and accounting

·        Information technology and communications

Furthermore, where as in 2016 most businesses were reducing headcount, this year the opposite is true.

Even if your skillset falls outside of these sectors, providing you have a degree/and or experience, you could find yourself landing a role.

According to Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of the emirate’s Economic Development Committee, stated that “diversification and opening new markets” in Islamic finance and developing renewable energy will create growth in the economy. Moreover, the infrastructure plans are injecting life into their economic development.

He pointed out that last year’s growth happened “despite continued lower oil prices, slower growth in developed and many emerging economies and slow growth in world trade.”

Now is the Time to get onboard

If you are looking for an expat opportunity, it should be noted that the Middle East is starting to boom. A survey carried out by Willis Towers Watson shows that salaries across the region are set to rise by 4.6% this year.

Latin America by contrast is seeing expat salaries increasing by only 1.6%.

If you are interested in testing the water and seeing what positions are ‘out there’, you will need to ensure your CV and LinkedIn profile are headhunter/recruiter ready. We can ensure that they are and they catch the eye within a few seconds. Incidentally, that is the time it takes headhunters/recruiters to decide whether they can work with you.

As such, having us look over your documents ensuring they are ready to give you every chance of landing a dream job in Dubai.

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